Friday, January 11, 2013

The Dating Site

This latest story is my personal favorite.

It follows two female college roommates, one really small and petite, the other a tall amazon, who swap heights while out with some guys. The story has two size-change sequences (one growth and one shrinking), featuring transfer between these two women.

You can read more details and see some previews on GTSartists:

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(152 pages filled with size-swapping sexy situations for 6.50$)


This story is about a world where people have improved features (size, brains, beauty, etc.) at the expense of other features, which leads to gigantic gorgeous airheads, tiny geniuses, and lots of stuff in between. After introducing the world, I go into a story about a few people who live in this world: a giant voluptuous supermodel, a few tiny models who work with her, and a tiny man who is very lucky... :)

You can read more details and see some previews on GTSartists:

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(95 pages filled with a GTS and tinies interacting for 4.50$)

Just a Little Bit

The old chapters of this story are still available for free on, with almost 800 images. Keep in mind, the images were a little less professional at the beginning of the story, but they improved as it progressed:

The newer chapters have far superior rendering and posing, and the story continues as it always has - with lots of shrinking and growth! :)
I sold each chapter individually for 3$, but now I'm offering a bundle of all 3 chapters for 20% off (7.20$ instead of 9$):
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Money & Power

My fan-favorite story 'Money&Power' is still available for free on The problem with the shop there has no effect on the free galleries:

Quick reminder: The story follows a loving couple - a sweet little wife with her big man of the house - and throughout the plot, the husband loses more and more of his size to his growing wife. No one is aware of the change except the husband, not even the wife.


My own shop

Hi everyone! :)

As you may know, has been having problems with the shop for a while now.
Until they work it out, I've made this alternate shop available.

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